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ISWS Technical Clearinghouse

Internet technology has a deep impact on how engineers and technology companies conduct their works these days. However, amid a variety of internet communities and web services, the link between water technology producers and consumers are not fully established. The existing valuable contents are not properly organized and distributed and instead they are scattered across the whole networks. This demotivates technology creators/distributors to create/deliver new products and especially ones of higher quality and with more efforts. The lack of a presentation and sharing platform also breaks the communication which ends up with short of discussions and non-recognized and underserved needs.

International Society of Water Solutions will provide an online platform for engineers and technology companies to present and discuss their works and therefore encourages technology creation and distribution, which benefits the engineering community with enhanced productivity.  International Society of Water Solutions will also provide an e-commerce platform devoted to lower cost of companies to market and trade their products. This platform will also ease the searching effort of the potential consumers. This proposed website will be a social community and an e-commerce platform that connects and promotes technology professionals and businesses. They are enabled and encouraged to create, share, discuss, and promote their knowledge, experience, information, insights, products, and services.

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