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IfS Mission & Goals


The purpose of IFS is to serve the needs of and influence the efforts of professionals, academes, industries, and governmental bodies that contribute to the advancement of sustainability and sustainable development.  IfS approaches sustainability from the perspectives of engineering and scientific disciplines with the objective of promoting the societal, economic, and environmental benefits of sustainable and green engineering.


In furtherance of this purpose, IFS:

  • Will provide the multidisciplinary scientific and technical rigor needed in sustainability discussions.
  • Will reach out to the academic community to encourage the incorporation of sustainability concepts in engineering education.
  • Will work with industry and universities to advance Research & Development (R&D) related to sustainability.
  • Will develop education programs suitable for industry and graduate and undergraduate education, and public outreach programs that explain the role of engineering and science in creating a more sustainable future.
  • Will facilitate the development by industry partners of measurement tools, framework(s) for guiding design of more sustainable (green) products and processes, and the identification and prioritization of R&D and technology needs in the area of sustainability.
  • Will create specialized products, tools, and services administered by AIChE and/or other organizations come.