Tina Arrowood | AIChE

Tina Arrowood

Principal Research Scientist
Dow Water and Process Solutions

Tina Arrowood is a Principal Research Scientist at Dow Water and Process Solutions with 20 years of industrial research experience and more than 15 granted patents.  She holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Minnesota.

Over the past ten years her primary research focus is to study the fundamental science of fouling in reverse osmosis (RO) systems and to develop fouling-resistant technologies.  In parallel she partners with teams in water stressed regions in Northern China and India to understand the industrial wastewater reuse application and membrane performance requirements.  Combining fouling resistant innovations with knowledge of critical use requirements for wastewater treatment systems provides the teams she leads with the foundation for advanced wastewater reuse product designs, the latest being the FILMTEC FORTILIFE™ family of RO and NF elements.