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Peter Glavič

Professor Emeritus
University of Maribor

Professor Peter Glavič is Professor Emeritus at the University of Maribor. He graduated in Chemical Technology, and later in Economics and Business; he earned his Master and Doctoral degrees in Chemistry. He held managerial positions in paper-, chemical-, and metallurgical industries for nine years. For eight years he was a Member of Parliament in the Republic of Slovenia, both at the National Assembly and the National Council. He served as Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Maribor for thirty years. As vice rector for research and development at the University of Maribor, and as vice dean at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering he influenced the R&D development in Slovenia very much. Ha was president and vice-president of the Engineering Academy of Slovenia. He was chairing the Chemical Engineering Section of Slovenian Chemical Society for two decades. He founded and headed the Laboratory for Process Systems Engineering and Sustainable Development. His research focused on process systems engineering, environmental engineering, and sustainable development in chemical and process industries. His main interests were in process design, retrofit and optimization, energy integration, water and waste reduction, recycling, cleaner production, indicators of sustainable development, sustainable university, and sustainable consumption. He participated in many bilateral, and multinational projects financed by European Union, EUREKA, NATO, and US NSF. He was member of many professional bodies, editorial boards, international scientific and organization committees. He has published more than 170 scientific and professional articles, 230 papers in conference proceedings, 20 textbooks and manuals, 210 scientific and professional reports, and translated 32 standards.