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James Thebaut

President/Executive Producer

2019 - Recently Finished two productions on the critical necessity of implementing comprehensive Forest Management in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Watershed.

This includes a 13 min video (Our California Watershed) which is presented regularly at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California and a 27 min production titled, California’s Watershed which will be broadcast on California PBS stations.

2018 - Creating videos associated with the production and distribution of the 92 min BEYOND THE BRINK documentary. This includes a 25 min “Call To Action” summary of the feature for classrooms, community meetings, conferences, forums, legislative staffs, elected officials business and government leaders, church groups, civic organizations, television and internet viewers.

Also creating a 20 min video for West Hills Community College for enlisting students into their agriculture program. Also will create a 7 min summary and a 1 min promo version.

2017 - Creator, producer, executive producer and conducted 30 on camera interviews for BEYOND THE BRINK a 92 min feature documentary focused on the water and food nexus and the international security ramifications. The film specifically presents the reality of the evolving water crisis in California’s San Joaquin Valley and evolving food security concerns throughout the world. The documentary feature is currently being distributed throughout the world by Freestyle Digital Media, a subsidiary of Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures.

2012 - Was writer, producer, director and executive producer and conducted oncamera interviews in Israel, Qatar and Washington DC for RENEWABLE ENERGY DESALINATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA. A short documentary produced for the World Bank.

2012 - Was executive producer for THE ICEMAN (movie), based on Bruno’s book and Thebaut’s HBO Documentary THE ICEMAN TAPES: CONVERSATIONS WITH A KILLER.

2008 - Was creator, writer, producer, director, executive producer and conducted on- camera interviews with scientists, governmental leaders and members of the United States Congress for THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST: ARE WE RUNNING DRY? – A documentary feature focusing on National Security, science, ecological and human rights issues, associated with water availability within the seven Western States dependent on the Colorado River Watershed. The documentary was broadcast on PBS Stations throughout the United States.

2005 - Was writer, producer, director and executive producer and conducted oncamera interviews in Africa, Middle East, India, Singapore, China, Russia and the United States for RUNNING DRY. The documentary feature was based on former United States Senator Paul Simon’s book Tapped Out. The documentary generated global awareness of the dangerous international security ramification resulting from the global water crisis. The film resulted in the United States Congress passing and President George W. Bush signing into Law the 2005 Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act. The Legislation has been updated to the 2015 Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act, passed by Congress and signed into Law by President Barack Obama. RUNNING DRY continues to be screened at film festivals, conferences and special events throughout the world.

2002 - Was co-writer, producer, director and co-executive producer and conducted on- camera interviews with individuals describing their historical roles and observations during the world’s most dangerous era for THE COLD WAR AND BEYOND. A documentary feature which describes the historical events and decisions which accelerated the Arms race during the Cold War era and its legacy on today’s post 9/11 World. An updated version entitled CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT is currently in development. THE COLD WAR AND BEYOND was honored at the Hollywood Film Festival.

In 1998 Jim Thebaut co-founded the Chronicles Group Inc., a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation and became its president and executive producer. Thebaut is an experienced regional environmental planner and also a creator, producer, director and executive producer of educational international media.

1994 - Was creator, writer, producer and director and conducted on-camera interview with law enforcement officials and convicted corrupt police officers for BAD COPS, a two-part documentary feature for the A&E Network. The film exposed specific cases of police corruption in Philadelphia, Sea Girt, New Jersey, New York City and Boston. The A&E documentary resulted in Thebaut producing segments and conducting on-camera interviews for a 1994 ABC News Turning Point documentary on the historical culture of police corruption in New York City. BAD COPS has been distributed throughout the world. In 1994 Thebaut was invited to the FBI Academy in Northern Virginia to present BAD COPS at an internal affairs conference.

1993 - Was creator, writer, producer and director and allowed to conduct on-camera interviews behind the walls at the Potosi Correctional Center in Mineral Point, Missouri for EXECUTION AT MIDNIGHT, a two part A&E documentary. Thebaut interviewed seven death row inmates and prison officials, and also featured interviews with victim families, Missouri State Officials, prosecutors and death row attorneys. The films intent was to provide a visual journalistic inside view, of the emotional impact of the death penalty as well as its legal process. The documentary was distributed throughout the world. EXECUTION AT MIDNIGHT resulted in Thebaut participating in the production of an ABC News’ Nightline Death Penalty segment.

1992 - Was creator, producer, executive producer and conducted 17 hour oncamera interviews at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, New Jersey with Richard Kuklinski (The ICEMAN) for the HBO American Undercover Documentary series entitled THE ICEMAN TAPES: CONVERSATIONS WITH A KILLER. Thebaut also conducted interviews with New Jersey State and Federal Law Enforcement as well as the wife of the ICEMAN. The film was nominated for a Cable Ace Award. The documentary resulted in a book by Anthony Bruno entitled The Iceman, The True Story of a Cold Blooded Killer.

1986 - Was producer and executive producer for the CBS dramatic special entitled A DEADLY BUSINESS. The film starring Alan Arkin and Armand Assante told a dramatic inside story of organized crimes involvement in the illegal disposal of toxic waste materials business in New Jersey/New York environs. The movie was filmed in Toronto Canada and the New York/New Jersey region.


1986 - 1988 - Thebaut was vice president of development for Johnny Carson Productions. Responsible for the development of television and theatrical film productions.



2005 and 2007- Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act.

2009 - National Water Policy

2010 - Drought, Water Scarcity and International Security in the 21st Century.

2013 - Water and Wastewater Forum


2011 - International Water Educational Summit

During the 1970’s:

1979 - Created, wrote, produced and executive Produced a two-part documentary series for KING TV (Seattle NBC Affiliate) and PBS Stations in Seattle and Tacoma, entitled A REGION AT THE CROSSROADS. The documentary explored the evolving growth in the Puget Sound Region and made comparisons to the Southern California region. The film highlighted regional environmental planning as an important solution. The educational efforts included the distribution of a Magazine entitled Citizens Forum and the organization of Educational Events throughout the Puget Sound Region.

1970 - While attending the University of Washington, created and produced a documentary feature for KIRO TV (Seattle CBS Affiliate) entitled A TALE OF TWO CITIES. The documentary feature analyzed and compared Southern California to the Seattle/Puget Sound region. The intent of the investigative documentary was to determine if the Seattle/Puget Sound region was making the same regional planning errors which occurred in Southern California. Specifically the loss of prime agriculture land in Orange County and the San Fernando Valley, and comparing it to the Green River Valley south of Seattle.


1977 - Thebaut was a candidate for Mayor in Seattle and created a 30 min documentary. The film focused on energy policy, urban growth and lack of planning in the Seattle region. It was broadcast on both KIRO and KING TV.


1972 - 1980 - Was the director of environmental systems for Richard Carother Associates, vice president for Northwest Environmental Technology Laboratory (NETL) and principal at Jim Thebaut Associates.

1972 - Upon congressional Passage of the National Environmental Policy Act, Thebaut created an environmental impact statement decision-making methodology and proceeded to project manage the first environmental impact statement written in the United States. The project focused on I-15W, a proposed interstate highway expansion project in Idaho, which had serious environmental consequences. Based on the impact statement, the Idaho State Department of Highways agreed to desist and build the expansion in a less ecologically sensitive location. This project paved the way for Thebaut to project manage hundreds of Impact Statements, energy, transportation and regional planning projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

1975 - 1976 - Project manager for Seattle’s Energy 1990 study (the nation’s first programmatic environmental statement). Seattle City Council agreed to participate by purchasing power from two Washington Public Power System (WPPS) proposed nuclear power plants. The decision was challenged by Washington State environmental organizations which resulted in the City of Seattle being required to prepare a comprehensive environmental impact statement. Seattle City Light retained NETL to prepare the study. Findings and conclusions from the Impact Statement resulted in the Seattle City Council voting not to participate in the nuclear power purchase, resulting in collapse of the WPPS project. Results of the Study also include the City of Seattle implementing new energy and planning policies.

1978 - 1979 - Was project manager for a public information/education project on the proposed development of a Super Tanker Port in Port Angeles, WA. The project was to be built in conjunction with the construction of the proposed Northern Tier Pipeline Project, which was designed to transport oil from the Port Angeles Port to Minnesota. The State of Washington and Federal Government eventually denied the project because of serious environmental risks.


1965 - Bachelor of Arts, San Francisco State University

1972 - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington

1967 - Master of Science, University of California, Los Angeles


1957 - 1960 - Honorably Discharged after serving three years in Germany with the Seventh Cavalry, Third Infantry Division.