Henk van den Berg | AIChE

Henk van den Berg

Professor Emeritus - Process Plant Design
University of Twente

Present activities 

Professor emeritus in Process Plant Design at the University of Twente, still involved in teaching and research. Board member of the process intensification taskforce PIN NL. Involved in “Resources” for the chemical industry, organizing symposia, studies.

Past activities

Process Plant Design chair at the UT since 1989 (part-time). Activities. Lectures, workshops and coaching of teams for process design cases. Participation in PhD coaching. Process Plant Design tasks have led to the completion of more than 200 process design cases. Many in cooperation with industries. Several cases resulted in peer reviewed publications and conference presentations.

Supervisor for Conceptual Design Projects in CE Master curriculum at the Technical University of Delft, 2004 – 2015. Initiator and leading the organizing committee for three one day symposia at the University of Twente which deal with challenges in CE: 2007 on “Energy”, 2009 on “Conversion Technology”, 2011 on “Raw materials for the chemical industry”. See www.energy-resources.nl Process Intensification Scans for the process industries, 2007-2012. Member of the team that carried out more than 40 Process Intensification Quick (one day) Scans for the process industries and five extended scans (one man month each).

In 2006 retired form the following positions: Senior Consulant Avantium consultants en engineers B.V. (part of VINCI Energies), Veendam. (NL) since 1996 (Part-time assignment). Professor in Process Design at the University of Ghent (B) since 1997 (Part-time assignment). Three times courses Process Plant Design (five sessions of two days) have been given in house for a leading Dutch chemical company in cooperation with company experts. Several times introductory courses (1-2 days) on systematic design and analysis of processes were given for industrial partners.

Chairman of the Novem taskforce for Process Intensification, 1997 – 2003. Employee of Dow Benelux N.V., Terneuzen, The Netherlands. From start 1974 to mid 1996, ending by extra early retirement program. Last position: Associate consultant for Process Engineering, Process Development & Control Department. Employee of the State University of Groningen for teaching Chemical Engineering, 1966-1973. PhD studies on Chlorination of Benzene completed in 1973.