Fazleena Badurdeen | AIChE

Fazleena Badurdeen

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Kentucky

Fazleena Badurdeen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and also affiliated to the Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing, at the University of Kentucky, USA. She is also the Director of Graduate Studies for the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program. Prof. Badurdeen received her PhD in Integrated (Industrial and Mechanical) Engineering and MS in Industrial Engineering both from Ohio University, Athens, OH. She also holds an MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management, Sri Lanka and BS in Engineering from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Prof. Badurdeen is the founding Chair of the International Forum on Sustainable Manufacturing. She has also served as the President of the Lean Division of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE, formerly IIE) and is a recipient of IISE’s Award of Excellence for Teaching Lean Concepts. Her research interests are in the area of sustainable manufacturing, particularly focused on manufacturing systems and supply chain sustainability. Some recent specific research thrusts include metrics development for sustainable manufacturing, product lifecycle sustainability optimization and supply chain risk/resilience management. Prof. Badurdeen’s work has been supported by a number of U.S. Federal Agencies and by manufacturing companies. Her research has been published in refereed international journals and presented at national and international conferences and her team has also received numerous awards for their outstanding research including doctoral dissertation and best paper awards. Prof. Badurdeen also serves in the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management,