International Society for Water Solutions Addresses Industrial Water Use and Reuse

Workshop looks at increasing efficiency now to forestall future scarcity
May 9, 2013

Contact:  Danielle Gross
Phone:    (717) 214-2200

SAN ANTONIO, The International Society for Water Solutions (ISWS), a new technological community of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, brought nearly 100 industry leaders and academic experts together here last week for an Industrial Water Use and Reuse Workshop. From April 30 to May 2, representatives of leading companies, universities and government, including GE, Dow Chemical, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Valero, Chevron, DuPont and the University of Texas, considered how more efficient use of water resources today could offset the scarcity some foresee in the future.

Delivering the workshop’s keynote address, Amanda Brock, chief executive officer of Water Solutions, stressed how water scarcity could limit industrial production. In her presentation, Brock noted that the current “shale boom is changing how we think and act.”  She added that “water availability will be a key factor in realizing this anticipated industrial growth.”

Ralph Exton, chief marketing officer for water and process technologies at GE Power & Water, chaired the workshop and co-chairs ISWS. He summarized the outcome of the workshop: "This event brought high-level participants from leading companies together to advance water reuse and address the efficiency with which we use the water that is available to us." Topics at the workshop included the regulatory climate, industry’s perspective, technology and applications, and practical implementation. The conference proceedings will be posted on the workshop website at:

The International Society for Water Solutions is a newly formed technological community within AIChE, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. It provides a forum for communication and networking among engineers and scientists who share interests in water research and water technology development. You can learn more about the society at 

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