Supporting SBE Student Member Careers

Last spring, the AIChE® Foundation in collaboration with the Institute’s Society for Biological Engineering (SBE) launched the Be the Change matching gift challenge underwritten by Drs. Arindam & Gopa Bose. The successful match raised a total of $50,000 to support SBE student programming and conference registration.

Thanks to the generosity of our growing SBE donor community, we had the opportunity to invite SBE student member recipients to share their experiences and gratitude.

Laura Camila Camargo Contreras, student at the Universidad Nacional De Colombia, is working on the reduction of impurities in the sugar clarification process from sugar cane. Laura is interested in biological processes and their applications in industry. She aspires to enhance a process with genetic modifications to help developing countries like her home country to boost its economy and one day be considered an economic power that can efficiently take advantage of all its natural resources. Furthermore, she hopes to end poverty and hunger in developing countries. 

I aspire to enhance a process with genetic modifications to help developing countries like my home country to boost its economy. - Laura Camila Camargo Contreras

Darkey Silvanus Jr., student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, undertook a project during senior year, on how to degrade cyanide using microorganisms. This project inspired Darkey to pursue a career in biological engineering.

McKay Cavanaugh, graduate student at Northeastern University, is working to create engineering solutions to help understand and facilitate nerve regeneration. Her research includes mechanotransduction and its role in neural stem cell fate. McKay loves how tissue engineering is a combination of core engineering concepts and biology. The intelligent, creative and diverse team with which McKay collaborates keeps her inspired. She is committed to provide knowledge to aid in the development of treatment for neurodegeneration. McKay wants to help foster an environment of inclusivity to empower women and other minority groups so that they can also achieve their dreams.   

Laura, Darkey and McKay deeply thank the Be the Change donors for their kind generosity, vision and support in advancing their early careers. We encourage you to join us in supporting and elevating SBE programming!