Fellows Endowment

The Fellows Council is thrilled that the Fellows Endowment will support expansion of the K-12 STEM Ambassador Program, a pivotal initiative within AIChE’s national awareness campaign, Bee a ChemE.

Launched in 2021 at Ohio State University, by a dedicated team of AIChE undergraduate leaders, who are trained in classroom teaching methods by AIChE’s Academy, the program has already inspired 200+ elementary and middle school students to the fascinating possibilities within STEM fields. This exciting program is expanding young minds to the wonders of science and math and highlighting that a career as a chemical engineer is as diverse and varied as they are.

To achieve the expansion, a fundraising campaign to secure a minimum of $50,000 was launched. Why $50,000? It currently costs ~$2,000 to run the program at one university for one year. AIChE’s endowment earnings policy allows up to 4% earnings to be utilized, making this a perfect match!

Join us in making a meaningful gift and create a perpetual source of funding to expand the K-12 STEM Ambassador Program.

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