Technical Program

AIChE Workshop on Smart Grid for the Chemical Process Industry
September 25-27, 2013


Tentative Schedule:

September 25th: 
Evening – Welcoming Reception
September 26th:
Morning & Afternoon – Invited Speakers from Academia & Industry (single track)
Evening – Dinner with Keynote Speaker
September 27th:
Morning – Breakout Sessions & Panel Discussion


Collocated Activities:

September 23rd-25th:
Great Lakes Symposium on Smart Grid and the New Energy Economy
September 25th: 
Afternoon – Smart Grid Tutorial (part of the Great Lakes Symposium program)


Detailed Program:

The detailed technical program is actively being developed by the programming committee and will contain a mix of application and algorithm focused presentations.

Application focused presentations are expected in the following areas:

  1. Industrial processes that consume large amounts of non-electric energy, but can be converted to flexibly use electricity.
  2. Conversion of process utilities from steam based to flexible steam/electric based.
  3. Case study experience with real-time electricity prices and power system operators (ISOs and RTOs).
  4. Case study experience with co-generation facilities
  5. Massive energy storage technologies, especially high temperature thermal.
  6. Industrial processes that are large electricity consumers, but can be made flexible through material storage.
  7. Non-industrial process, but with smart grid coordination (Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, EV to Grid, Generation Dispatch)

Algorithm focused presentations are expected in the following areas:

  1. Development of operating policies that respond to electricity prices.
  2. Methods to calculate reductions in operating cost due to demand response operating policies.
  3. Estimation of additional equipment fatigue resulting from cyclic operation.
  4. Optimal design of demand responsive processes, with the objective of minimizing total annualized costs
  5. Methods to assess risk associated with the uncertainty of future energy market characteristics and governmental policies.

Nominations of speakers for the invited program should be submitted to Rui Huang or Donald Chmielewski before May 24th.