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SPTC Keynote - The Future of Petrochemicals

We are pleased to announce that Scott Nyquist, Director Emeritus, McKinsey and Company, and Autumn Hong, McKinsey Energy Insights Petrochemicals Leader, will be delivering our October 1 Keynote Address on “The Future of Petrochemicals.”

Scott and Autumn will share their views on the impact that Covid-19 has had and will have on the global economy and the petrochemical industry.  They will describe how the virus is effecting economic growth, how governments around the world are responding, and how the global economy will play out in the future.  They will describe how petrochemicals demand and supply will develop in light of Covid-19, and how Covid-19 may impact the trajectory of the trends and disruptions the industry was preparing for pre-Covid-19.  Scott and Autumn will address trends such as how the circular economy is evolving and how the petrochemical industry is engaging in the plastics pollution challenge, how the US feedstock advantage is effected by changing unconventional oil and gas supplies, how geopolitical trends are driving regionalism/de-globalization, and the opportunities for petrochemicals players to respond to the energy transition.