10th SPTC Wednesday Conference Keynote | AIChE

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Chemical Engineering

In this panel, we will evaluate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is directly impacting chemical engineers within the hydrocarbon industry.  Some of the items that plan to be addressed are the impacts of:

  1. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and control systems in relation to improved operations and computational design.
  2. Facility operations in relation to improved CAPEX/OPEX, facility reliability and control, and process safety.
  3. Changes in workforce requirements in operations and engineering.

The panel will feature the following distinguished speakers:

  • Paul Bonner, Vice President of Consulting & Data Analytics, Honeywell 
  • Llyod Colegrove, Director of Data Services Director, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Viswanath Krishnan, Global Solutions Executive, IBM