Process Safety | AIChE

Process Safety

  • Thursday, October 9 - CDT

  • Session Chairs:

    • Vic Edwards, IHI E&C (Retired)
    • Jack Chosnek, KnowledgeOne

    Session Description:

    This session will present practical applications of the various aspects of process safety as well as the history and status of OSHA’s process safety compliance programs.

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    Implementation Issues with Regards to Process Safety Programs Sam Mannan 
    Why Are The New People Making The Same Mistakes That The Old-Timers Made 25 Years Ago? Managing Organizational Change Art Dowell and Stan Anderson (in memoriam) 
    Process Safety Regulation - Can any Style be considered Superior? Steve Emerson
    Look at the “Black-Box” BEFORE the Crash…. Ralph King
    Process modeling requirements for the safe design of blowdown systems – changes to industry guidelines and how this impacts current practice Michael Szatny & Apostolos Giovanoglou