Energy Efficiency & Asset Optimization | AIChE

Energy Efficiency & Asset Optimization

  • Thursday, October 9 - CDT

  • Track Sponsored by TLV.

    Session Chairs:

    • Kathey Ferland, Texas Industries of the Future
    • Frank Roberto, ExxonMobil

    Session Description:

    Speakers will present  new approaches, case studies and technologies that improve the energy intensity of the process or enhance energy asset utilization, resulting in cost savings and an improved environmental footprint.

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    Identifying Energy Efficiency Opportunities in the Process Alan Rossiter, Rossiter & Associates
    New Damper Design Saves Energy in Fired Heaters Ashutosh Garg, Furnace Improvements
    Energy Systems Model: Discrete Event Simulation Tool to Facilitate Capital Decisions Intan Hamdan, Scott J. Bury, Rene Diaz, The Dow Chemical Company
    Flare Minimization during Ethylene Plant Turnaround Operations via Dynamic Simulation and Optimization  Qiang Xu, Lamar University