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Past Conferences

2022 AIChE Annual Meeting

November 13, 2022 to November 18, 2022
At the 2022 AIChE Annual Meeting, academic and industry experts will cover wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge research, new technologies, and emerging growth areas in chemical engineering.

2022 AIChE Annual Student Conference

November 11, 2022 to November 14, 2022
The 2022 AIChE Annual Student Conference is six days of career information, social events, competitions, and fun. Student engineers from more than 200 schools celebrate the Chemical Engineering profession, along with young professional members, AIChE leaders, and industry professionals from numerous engineering specialties. This year's conference will take place in-person in Phoenix, AZ. More information coming soon - check back here for updates!

2022 Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference (IDTC22)

November 7, 2022 to November 9, 2022
Join us at the 2022 Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference (IDTC22) — convening for its third year to bring you the latest in how interconnectivity, advanced automation, and machine learning, to name a few, are transforming the processing industry.

5th International Conference on CRISPR Technologies

October 31, 2022 to November 2, 2022
CRISPR 2022 brings together investigators focused on enzymes and technologies, predominantly CRISPR-based systems, but also other promising systems and approaches, to discuss advances in the field and ways to harness genome engineering for beneficial purposes. Topics range from fundamental biology...

6th International Conference on Epigenetics and Bioengineering

October 27, 2022 to October 29, 2022
EpiBio explores the basics and cutting-edge technologies and applications related to the epigenome. The conference brings together interdisciplinary expertise in the field — allying biology, chemistry, physics, data processing (bioinformatics), and engineering to foster the development of novel...

4th Battery and Energy Storage Conference

October 26, 2022 to October 28, 2022
The Battery and Energy Storage Conference seeks to engage chemical engineers and researchers working in the fields of energy storage and conversion technologies to identify, communicate and explore current advancements in technology design.

SPE/AIChE Workshop: Flow Assurance Best Practices for Today, Challenges for the Future

October 19, 2022 to October 20, 2022
This SPE/AIChE joint workshop will cover major flow assurance topics applicable to all oil and gas professionals.

9th CCPS Latin American Conference on Process Safety

October 18, 2022 to October 20, 2022
The Latin American Conference on Process Safety is part of CCPS' family of Global Congress on Process Safety. This conference, co-organized by IBP is part of CCPS' worldwide effort to prevent major accidents through promoting lifelong learning as well as continuous improvement in process safety.

2022 Global Conference on Process Safety and Big Data

October 11, 2022 to October 12, 2022
The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) jointly hosted the 7th Edition of the European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data. Registration is Now Open!

8th International Conference on Stem Cell Engineering 2022

October 7, 2022 to October 9, 2022
Presented by the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), this conference will bring together leaders and trainees from cutting edge fields of stem cell engineering to develop the next-generation of stem cell technologies.