2011 Northeast Confirmed and Invited Speakers

Tuesday, November 1-3, 2011, 8:30am EDT

AIChE was pleased to have such important speakers at this conference.  Presentations and discussions were led by:

  • Dr. Thomas Abraham, iRAP, Inc.
  • Perry Alasti, Artisan Industries
  • Dr. Tewodros (Teddy) Asefa, Rutgers University
  • Dr. S.V. Babu, Clarkson University
  • Dr. Samuel Brauer, NanoTech Plus
  • Leon Brooks, Cameron Valves & Measurement
  • Dr. Don Collins, Edwards Vacuum
  • Dr. Ray Collins, Dow Chemical
  • Tom Dabbs, Gould Pumps
  • Dr. Anil Diwan, Nanovirisides
  • Michael Hill, Columbia University
  • Ed Holtgraver, QTRCO, Inc.
  • Dr. Kevin Joback, Molecular Knowledge Systems, Inc.
  • Dr. George John, City University New York
  • Greg Johnson, United Valve
  • Jeff Luby, Edwards Vacuum
  • Eric P. Maynard, Jenike & Johnason, Inc.
  • Mark Nichols, Edwards Vacuum
  • Dr. Stephen O'Brien, City University New York
  • Dr. Thomas Post, Post Mixing
  • Pat Prayne, Gould Pumps
  • Dr. P. Somasundaran, Columbia University
  • Paul Souza, AUMA Actuators, Inc.
  • Christianto Wibowo, Clearwater Bay Technologies
  • Scott Yaeger, Filtration and Separation Technology, LLC
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