2011 Northeast Regional Conference Programs

See information regarding the 3 main conference events that occured at this conference.

Nanotechnology Workshops and Conference:

The conference will focus on the synthesis, processing and application of nanoengineered materials with an emphasis on energy generation and storage, biological applications including pharmaceuticals, nanomedicine and nano-enabled devices.  

Engineering Technologies Tutorials  **NOTE: Tutorials 11 and 14 were cancelled.**

We are pleased to have presented a series of tutorial sessions that cover four tracks: Plant and Equipment Basics, Essentials in Process & Product Development, Engineering Fundamentals - Unit Operations, and The Art of Solids Handling.  

Conference on Energy, Safety, and Consulting

This conference, organized by the Northeast Sections of AIChE, was comprised of several symposia sessions which addressed critical issues such as energy savings, enhanced safety, and the role of consultants in assisting the small or lean organization.