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Speakers of FPST16

Join leading practitioners and researchers in the field of particle technology who will present at the 2016 Frontiers in Particle Technology Conference.

Presenter Affiliation
Chairman's Welcome
Ben Freireich The Dow Chemical Company
Academic Keynote
Stefan Heinrich Hamburg University of Technology
Attrition & Breakage Fundamentals
Ronald Breault National Energy Technology Laboratory
Application of the Fundamentals
Karl Jacob The Dow Chemical Company
Paul Mort Procter & Gamble
Gary Liu DuPont
Breakage Modeling I
Carl Wassgren Purdue University
David Potyondy Itasca Consulting Group
Alex Potapov Rocky DEM, Inc.
Breakage Modeling II
Ravindra Aglave CD-adapco
R. Bertrum Diemer University of Delaware
Jean Beeckman ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company
Testing & Measurements of Particle Attrition I
Melissa Clough BASF
Khalid Alshibli University of Tennessee
Industrial Keynote
John Carson Jenike & Johanson, Inc.
Testing & Measurements of Particle Attrition II
Reddy Karri Particulate Solids Research Inc. (PSRI)
Benjamin Amblard IFP New Energies
Paul Freud Microtrac
Breakup of Agglomerates
Christine Hrenya University of Colorado, Boulder
Heather Emady Arizona State University
Case Studies
Rajesh Davé New Jersey Institute of Technology
John Grace University of British Columbia
Atish Kataria RTI International
Brenda Remy Bristol-Myers Squibb