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Technical Program

TIME   Title Author(s) Company
    MONDAY, September 12, 2022 - 8:00 - 5:00 PM    
8:00 AM   Welcome from Committee Chair Taylor Archer Clariant
8:10 AM   Keynote Address: Technical, social and safety aspects of ammonia as carbon free energy carrier Tobias Birwe thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG
9:00 AM 1A A comprehensive review of hazards identification and assessment in ammonia plants Dan Cojocaru, Venkat Pattabathula Fertilizer Industrial Services, SVP Chemical Plant Services
9:30 AM   COFFEE BREAK    
10:00 AM 1B Catastrophic failure of Primary Reformer due to Mixed Feed Crossover Piping Rupture Zaheer Ramdath, Graig Davis Proman
10:30 AM 1C Fitness-For-Service Assessment Methodologies and Available Material Properties for Alloy 20Cr32Ni1Nb in Outlet Manifold Systems Michiel Brongers et al. Self employed
11:00 AM 1D 101B Primary Reformer Air-Steam Coil Alloy 800HT Tube Failure Samuel Okulaja, Justin Tomkins Nutrien
11:30 AM   LUNCH BREAK    
1:30 PM 2A Combatting Corrosion in the Fertilizer Industry Ana Benz, Matthew Bell IRISNDT
2:00 PM 2B Reformer operation improvements based on inspection data Tim Hill, Alice Young, Charles Thomas Quest Integrity Group
2:30 PM 2C Improvement in Process Safety Performance by Accelerated CUI Inspection Program Arif R. Hakim, Baskara A. Nugraha, Ilham A. Febryantho PT Kaltim Parna Industri
3:00 PM   COFFEE BREAK    
3:30 PM 2D How Stamicarbon successfully reduced the risk for loss of containment in urea plants Alex Scheerder Stamicarbon
4:00 PM 2E Successful Implementation of a CSA-B149.3 Certified BMS on a Primary Reformer Greg P. Dechaine Nutrien
4:30 PM 2F Going Beyond Good Enough with IPL Design to Achieve Operational Excellence Peter Henning, Christopher Horstman, Matthew Davis Nutrien Lima Nitrogen, The JDI Group, Inc.

TIME   Title Author(s) Company
    TUESDAY, September 13, 2022 - 8:00 - 11:30 AM    
8:00 AM 3A Methanator Temperature Runaway Results in a Fire Ken Wohlgeschaffen Chevron Products Company
8:30 AM 3B Improved Process Performance & Safety via Autonomous AI: Dyno Waggaman experience Ashutosh Shukla et al. Dyno Nobel Inc, Near-Miss Management
9:00 AM 3C First industrial experience with iron chromium free HTS catalyst in ammonia plant Chad Taylor et al. Haldor Topsoe Inc.
9:30 AM   COFFEE BREAK    
10:00 AM 3D Unconventional Strategy for Revival & Sustained Operation of 50 years old Ammonia Plant Abdul Ghaffar et al. Pakarab Fertilizers Limited, Fatima Group
10:30 AM 3E Decarbonize with blue ammonia Ameet Kakoti, Per Juul Dahl Topsoe
11:00 AM 3F Optimization of the Ammonia Decomposition Process Johannes Elischewski thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG
11:30 AM   FREE TIME    

TIME   Title Author(s) Company
    Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 8:00 - 5:00 PM    
8:00 AM 4A The Dakar Ammonia Accident: Analysis of the Worst Incident at an Ammonia User S. Dharmavaram, V. Pattabathula Air Products, SVP Chemical Plant Services
8:30 AM 4B Ammonia Pipeline Integrity and Risk Management Dorothy Shaffer, Joshua Bruce-Black, Sean Berg Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants
9:00 AM 4C Seeing inside the box: REFORM CMS innovation in reforming monitoring and optimisation Matt J. Cousins et al. Johnson Matthey, OnPoint Digital Solutions LLC, Yara France
9:30 AM   COFFEE BREAK    
10:00 AM 4D Ammonia Release During Ammonia Import Activity Naresh Patel CSBP Limited
10:30 AM 4E Ammonia nitriding, knowledge and design considerations Luca Redaelli, Gugliemo Deodato Casale
11:00 AM 4F Hydrogen Damage Mechanisms Affecting Assets and Equipment in the Ammonia Industry Daniel J. Benac et al. Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants
11:30 AM   LUNCH BREAK    
1:30 PM 5A The First Commercial Reference of Award-Winning AmoMax-Casale Catalyst at Nutrien Lawrence Sandy, Michelle Anderson, Marco Mazzamuto Nutrien, Clariant, Casale
2:00 PM 5B Challenges in Flange Excellence Management - Pitfalls during Re-Commissioning in GQ Militza Lobaton et al. Borealis Chimie SAS
2:30 PM 5C Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up and Operating Experience of a Mega Ammonia Plant in Saudi Arabia Bernd Mielke, Omer Yousif, Metab Motlaq Alsolamy thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Ma’aden Fertilizer Company
3:00 PM   COFFEE BREAK    
3:30 PM 5D Newly developed steel with high resistance to metal dusting Masaki Ueyama et al. Nippon Steel North America, Nippon Steel Corporation
4:00 PM 5E Comparative Analysis of HAZOP and STPA - Catacarb CO2 Removal System Faisal Jamal et al. Fatima Fertilizer Co. Ltd., MIT


This year’s Roundtable Session will provide open exchange and discussion through brief presentations from panelists, followed by a question-and-answer session on topics of interest such as:

  • Industry Incidents
  • Catalysts
  • Best Practices
  • Operations Impacts on SCC in Ammonia Tanks