Undergraduate Research Presentations - Chemicals & Environment | AIChE

Undergraduate Research Presentations - Chemicals & Environment

  • Monday, November 11 - EST

    Hyatt Regency Orlando, Bayhill 31
  • This session will feature presentations given by undergraduate researchers on topics within the topic range of general chemical engineering and environmental applications.

    8:00 AM

    Monoethanolamine based DESs for CO2 Absorption: Insights
    from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    Dina Kussainova, Nazarbayev University
    8:25 AM
    Production of Biopesticide against Maize Aphids on Maize Crop (Zea Mays) from Moringa (Moringa Oleifera: Moringaceae)
    Maud Gracious Fuko, Harare Institute of Technology

    8:50 AM

    Point of Entry Water Purification System in Quiche, Guatemala
    Kylee Kramer, University of Toledo

    9:15 AM

    On site Electrochemical Detection of Heavy Metal Pollution
    Nicholas Bruns, Colorado State University

    9:40 AM

    Acute Oral Toxicity Prediction with Gradient Boosted Trees and Neural Networks
    Hyukjae Kwark, Carnegie Mellon University