Disability OutReach Inclusion Community (DORIC): Expanding Opportunities and Creating Community

Sunday, November 10, 2019, 2:00pm-3:30pm EST

Hosted by the Disability OutReach Inclusion Community (DORIC) 

Did you know that people with disabilities have unique abilities which can actually be a competitive advantage in the classroom, laboratory, and workplace? Yes, being “different” can be awesome! Meet fellow students and professional with a history of a disability and allies at an event which will remind you that you belong here! The Disabilities OutReach and Inclusion Community (DORIC) is part of AIChE’s ever-expanding efforts promoting diversity and inclusion. We are here for you.
Hear experiences and insights from: Chris Pope, the founder of DORIC; Missy Postlewaite, a chemistry senior and member of the American Chemical Society’s Chemists With Disabilities (CWD) Committee; and Ted Conway, a current Chem.E. professor and department chair. PLUS... an hour-long “Career Prep Workshop for Students with Disabilities” by Doug Stage, head of Kimberly-Clark’s Capabilities First recruitment program. As you reach for your dreams, remember that we at AIChE are
here with you.

After the session, light refreshments will be served.


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