Chemical Engineering in Sustainability (YCOSST) and Policy (WISE) Award Recipient Talks

Sunday, November 10, 2019, 4:15pm-4:50pm EST

One of three sessions highlighting undergraduate research on various topics on Chemical Engineering. Topics and its relation to development of strategic and comprehensive government policy. This sessions will be presented by WISE interns and the YCOSST Award winner.

4:18 PM 

YCOSST Award Presentation to Prof. Kory C. Russel for University of Oregon project on “Sanitary Green Space: a Closed-Looped Sanitation System for Growing Green Communities”


Preparing for the Worst: The Case for Solar Geoengineering Research and Oversight
Bradie S Crandall, University of South Carolina

4:35 PM

Addressing Management Challenges Within the Nuclear Weapons Complex to Streamline Plutonium Disposition
Cameron Hong, Bucknell University