ChemE Students with Disabilities and Allies: Expanding Opportunities and Creating Community

Sunday, October 28, 2018, 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

Hosted by the ChemEs with Disabilities Task Force 

Being "different" can be awesome! Learn about how people with disabilities have unique abilities which can actually be a competitive advantage in the classroom, laboratory, and workplace. Come listen to the chair of AIChE's Chem.E.'s with Disabilities (ChEwD) Task Force and a recent B.S. graduate who's a member of the American Chemical Society's Chemists With Disabilities (CWD) committee. We'll share some of our story and make you aware of what your opportunities and rights are. Then we'll answer your questions and listen to your successes and challenges.

Meet your fellow AIChE Student Conference attendees who have a disability themselves or someone close to them (family member, friend, colleague) -- plus others who want to promote inclusion and opportunities for students and professionals affected by disabilities (aka allies). All are welcome. Come be a part of AIChE's ever-expanding efforts promoting diversity and inclusion. You belong here!


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