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2018 Annual Student Conference Chem-E-Car Competition®

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    David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Hall C, Pittsburgh, PA
  • The student team from Georgia Institute of Technology clinched the top trophy in the 2018 Annual Student Conference Chem-E-Car Competition® finals, winning with a distance of just 1 cm. The second place winner was Rutgers University, followed by the teams from City College of New York, Clarkson University and Cooper Union (in a tie for 4th place), and Tsinghua University.

    See the results and all the winners from the 2018 Chem-E-Car® Competition.

    2018 Official Chem-E-Car Competition® Video


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    2018 Competition Rules

    Please visit the Chem-E-Car Competition® Rules website here for the updated rules and deadlines.

    A highlight of the Annual Student Conference, more than 40 student teams from around the world will be racing their chemically powered vehicles. Come and cheer for your favorite team as they compete for the international title! Please note that the first run of the competition will begin at 12:30pm. The Chem-E-Car Competition is sponsored by Chevron.

    2018 Chem-E-Car Competition® Competitors


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    Team Name

    Western Cal Baptist University  Chitty Chitty Bong Bong
    Western Cal Poly Pomona Scoot Scoot
    Brazil Senai Cimatec Carnaval
    Mid Atlantic City College of New York Zincotron
    Northeast Clarkson University Team 2 Cherry Red!
    Rocky Mountain Colorado State University Starch Your Engines
    Southern Georgia Institute of Technology Ramblin Wreck
    Hong Kong  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Alchemist
    Indonesia Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Spektronics
    Mid America Iowa State University Cy-Onara
    South Korea KAIST Young M.E.
    Middle East KFUPM Element X
    Southern Louisiana State University Team 1  Mike XII Volt
    Northeast McGill University Swage-Lock and Loaded
    North Central Michigan State University The Spartan Speeder
    North Central Michigan Technological University Pineapple
    Mid America Oklahoma State University Team 1 Orange Juice
    Pacific Northwest Oregon State Univeristy Team 1 Chem Possible
    North Central The Ohio State University Nails
    Mid Atlantic Rutgers University Knight Wagon
    Qatar Texas A&M University at Qatar MG-Cruiser
    Southwest Texas Tech University Tortilla Power
    Mid Atlantic The Cooper Union Vitawin C
    North Central Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Might-Go-Chondria
    China Tianjin University T-Panda
    China Tsinghua University THUnder
    Western UC Berkeley Techni-CAL difficulties
    Pacific Northwest University of British Columbia Vancruiser
    Rocky Mountain University of Colorado Boulder Oh-the-Fe-ney!
    Northeast University of Massachusetts, Amherst Team 1 Squid Squad
    Greece University of Patras Zeus
    Mid Atlantic University of Pittsburgh The Tank
    Southern University of South Florida The Phoenix
    Southern University of Tennessee at Chattanootga Stirred, Not Shaken
    Southern University of Tennessee, Knoxville Myst-Air-y Machine
    North Central University of Toledo A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Mid America University of Tulsa Lead Zepplin
    Rocky Mountain University of Utah Wattson
    Mid Atlantic Virginia Tech Cinnamaldhyde Roll
    India VIT University Team Vidyutha