Annual Student Conference Welcome Ceremony & Keynote Address

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 9:30am-10:45am CDT

Kick off the Annual Student Conference with an exciting keynote speaker, Dr. Bernard A. Harris, former NASA Astronaut and Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Vesalius Ventures, Inc. AIChE leaders will also be on hand to review the schedule for the weekend.

Dr. Harris will present his talk titled, "Dreams are Power": a former NASA Astronaut describes how education and determination led him to fulfilling his dreams.


Bernard A. Harris, Jr.

Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr. is currently Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Vesalius Ventures, Inc., a venture capital firm that invests in early to mid-stage Healthcare technologies and companies. As CEO, he is responsible for managing a portfolio of private assets of early and mid- stage venture investments and operating companies.  Prior to Vesalius Ventures, Harris worked with Vanguard Ventures, a $500 million early-stage venture capital firm focused in life sciences,...Read more

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