ChemE Jeopardy Competition | AIChE

ChemE Jeopardy Competition

  • Saturday, November 12 - PST PST

    Hilton San Francisco Union Square
  • Regional ChemE Jeopardy winners will compete for the 1st place title.  Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Chapters.  Awards are sponsored by Omega Chi Epsilon.

    First Round Room Assignments

    Hilton Union Square Golden Gate 2/3

    Princeton University (Mid-Atlantic Region), University of Washington (Pacific Northwest Region), and USC (Western Region)

    Hilton Union Square Golden Gate 4/5

    University of Alabama (Southern Region), MIT (Northeast Region), and Trine University (North Central Region)

    Hilton Union Square Golden Gate 6/7/8

    University of Texas - Austin (Southwest Region), New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Rocky Mountain Region), and University of Oklahoma (Mid-America Region)

    The Preliminary Round will begin at 5 PM.

    The Championship Round will be held in Hilton Union Square Golden State 6/7/8 and begin at approximately 6 PM.

    For more information on the official ChemE Jeopardy Rules and Instructions, please visit the Competition Webpage here: