Student Leadership Development Program | AIChE

Successful leadership involves much more than managing a workgroup. An effective leader sees and grasps opportunities where others don’t; they are able to craft a vision and strategic plan to execute that vision; they rally teams and enable the success of those around them; they champion ways for their team, organization, and individual collaborators to always seek novel and innovative solutions to their problems; and they are both holistic and granulistic in their ongoing pursuit to safeguard the health and contribute to the advancement of their profession and the professionals they serve.

In this interactive conference, we will explore the fundamentals of effective leadership, teambuilding, conflict resolution and negotiation, through active-engagement exercises and team projects. You will not only gain these crucial skills, but will also learn how to apply them that day to various circumstances that mirror what you will find in the workplace. And you will develop an appreciation for the role AIChE plays in not only aiding you in sharpening your leadership talents but also giving you the tools to continuously pursue innovative avenues of problem-solving.

This program is reserved for invited attendees.