Career Planning Workshops | AIChE

Presented by AIChE’s professional members, these sessions provide practical information and advice to help you plan your career.

*Please note workshops will be run by students.

Room No. Time Presenter & School/Company Workshop Title
303/304 1:00PM & 1:30PM

Joseph Cramer- Technical Programming

Jeffery Perl- Chicago Chem Consultants Corp. 

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
315 1:00PM Sarah Widder- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Chemical Engineering and Policy
301/302 1:00PM & 1:30PM Kendall Fosse- Young Professionals Committee Chemical Disasters
320 1:00PM & 1:30PM Kendall Fosse- Young Professional Committee Saving from the Start: Getting the Most out of Your Money
318 1:00PM & 1:30PM Jose A. Urquijo- New Mexico State University How to Own a Recruitment Fair*
317 1:00PM, 1:30PM & 2:00PM David A. Monteiro- Stevens Institute of Technology Getting to Know Your Executive Student Committee*

1:00PM, 2:00PM

Frank van Lier, Eldon R. Larsen, Jack Hipple & Rosemarie D. Wesson- AIChE Management Division Managament Careers and the Chemical Engineer



Tim Olsen, Syamal Poddar, Lori McDowell, Richard Isherwood & Steve Coleman- AIChE Fuels & Petrochemicals Division Interviewing in the Energy Sector
319 1:00PM, 2:00PM & 3:00PM Ray Cocco, Karl Jacob & Shrikant Dhodapkar- AIChE Particle Technology FOrum Multiphase Engineering and Solids Processing
323 1:30PM & 2:00PM Owen Jappen- Stevens Institute of Technology Completing the Circuit: Not Just for Electrical Engineers*
324 2:00PM & 2:30PM Robert P. Hesketh- Rowan University Writing Apps for Mobile Devices
301/302 2:00PM & 3:00PM Sarah Widder- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Green Jobs for Chemical Engineers
321 3:00PM Jack Hipple- Innovation-TRIZ, Inc. Using the Brains of Others to be a Better Problem Solver
315 3:00PM & 3:30PM Kendall Fosse- Young Professionals Committee AIChE After Graduation
310/311 3:00PM & 3:30PM

Kendall Fosse- Young Professionals Committee 

Tim Olsen- AIChE Fuels & Petrochemicals Division

Graduate School: Is it Right for You?
306/307 3:00PM & 3:30PM Brynn R. Livesay- Oregon State University Framing Engineering for Women in Undergraduate Recruitment*