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Sponsored Technology Workshops

Learn about the latest technologies that can help your work at Sponsored Technology Workshops. Companies will address how to solve common challenges faced in the industry and provide you with an opportunity to see the most cutting edge developments in chemical engineering technology that can help you in your current and future positions. 

Sponsored Technology Workshops
Aspen Technology: Batch Process Modeling - Accelerating Innovation to Remain Competititve
Aspen Technology: The Path for Digital Transformation 
Bath Process Safety Management: The Benefits of a Baseline Hazardous Area Classification Assessment for a Facility with Limited Resources
Chemstations: Extract More Value from your Existing Simulation Software Today
Siemens: Let go of your "separations" anxiety

Batch Process Modeling - Accelerating Innovation to Remain Competitive

Aspen Technology

Tuesday, April 2, 3:45-5:15
Chequers, Hilton New Orleans Riverside

The batch processing industries are taking advantage of simulation to accelerate innovation and optimize production of some of their most challenging products. Explore how using Aspen Plus, you accomplish quick and easy modeling of your most challenging batch processes. The Path for digital transformation.

The Path for Digital Transformation

Aspen Technology

Wednesday, April 3, 1:30-3:00
Chequers, Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Digital solutions are key to driving innovation and new product introduction in the competitive specialty chemicals market. Digital transformation can be implemented in many business processes and have several maturity levels eliminating the need to jump into your digitalization journey thinking the highest level of maturity is the only path to value.  Explore how to bring products to market faster, improve product throughput as well as quality, and wring insight from plant data.  Uncover the value of digitalization from innovation through operations.

The Benefits of a Baseline Hazardous Area Classification Assessment for a Facility with Limited Resources

Bath Process Safety Management

Two Sessions

Monday, April 1, 1:30-2:15
Tuesday, April 2, 1:30-2:15
Bridge Room, Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Often the responsibility for hazardous area classification (HAC) is assigned based on convenience which can have a negative impact on facilities with limited resources.  For example, an electrical engineer is often the de facto HAC custodian even though performing an HAC study has nothing to do with electricity!  This presentation provides a unique four (4) step approach for addressing misconceptions associated with HAC and emphasizes the importance of a baseline HAC assessment.

Extract More Value from your Existing Simulation Software Today


Tuesday, April 2, 10:15-11:45
Chequers Room, Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Are you using your simulation software as much as you could be? Come learn the collected wisdom that can increase the return on your process simulation investment. We see three significant areas of benefit: (1) insure that you and your colleagues are trained to use the fundamental features of a simulator, (2) make certain that everyone who can benefit from simulation has access, and (3) raise awareness of advanced features in modern simulators. Companies that encourage simulation for problems of all sizes and allow access by employees in all process-related groups can achieve greater bottom-line benefits with the investment they are already making.

In this interactive workshop, we will cover the history of simulation software in the process industries, tips and tricks to help get the most out of any simulator for typical applications, and an overview of some advanced features that can bring significant benefits to your workflow. Computers will be set up for breakout sessions covering demonstrations of specific advanced topics. You will find this workshop material beneficial no matter which vendor’s process simulator you have in your organization.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to ask questions, meet industry peers, and be eligible for a $100 Amazon gift certificate drawing (must be present to win).

Let go of your "separations" anxiety


Wednesday, April 3, 10:15-11:45
Chequers Room, Hilton New Orleans Riverside

This workshop will focus on the crucial step of “separations” in the chemical and process industry encompassing various methods used for separation. Prof. Bruce Eldridge from UT Austin will be giving a guest lecture that will cover such topics as:

  • Separations research at UT Austin
  • Divided wall column modeling and optimization
  • CFD simulations of packings for separators

It will be followed by talks and demonstrations from Siemens experts on design and optimization of other separation equipment such as 3 phase separators, distillation column, cyclone separators and electrostatic precipitators.

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