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(57h) Prognostic and Health Management Using Digital Twin (Poster)

Digital Twin is a digital representation of your real-world device or operation that mirrors actual equipment and operating conditions. Leveraging this technology for your equipment's predictive health and operational optimization can significantly improve your company’s EBITDA.

However, creating digital twins for your assets continues to be a costly affair. A typical refinery or plant has hundreds of assets. Modeling them in a robust manner is a herculean task. We will present a methodology driven by AI that works with variations in model types within a class of assets but also across different types of assets. As a result, you can rapidly scale analytics across your organization delivering extraordinary savings to your company’s bottom line. Our patent pending Asset Agnostic Prognostic Technology has shown the efficiency of this approach across a variety of mechanical equipment (pumps, compressors and motor bearings. DeepIQ's prognostic health management software is

  1. a) Asset Agnostic: is easily configurable for new assets
  2. b) Source Agnostic: connects to a wide variety of time series industrial sources
  3. c) Platform Agnostic: works natively on both on-premise or Cloud big data environments.