(53p) Practical Considerations in Conducting Dust Hazard Analyses

Reinke, D., Environmental Resources Management
Dust Hazard Analyses (DHAs) conducted pursuant to NFPA 652 are an important component to preventing dust explosions. In this presentation we will share lessons learned from conducting DHAs.

If you don’t know a hazard exists, you can’t be confident that you have systems in place to manage that hazard. An effective DHA documents the identification and evaluation of all areas where dust hazards exist in a facility or process. This presentation will address gaps and share best practices in DHAs by presenting photos of specific process areas and examples of how effective DHAs can be used for those examples to evaluate the hazards, safeguards and provide recommendations for process improvements.

The author will share experiences from his role in industry, as the EHS Director of a manufacturer working with combustible dusts, explosives and pyrotechnics, and in consulting, overseeing combustible dust work for clients worldwide.