(53aj) Hybrid Elastomer Nanocomposites for Oilfield Applications | AIChE

(53aj) Hybrid Elastomer Nanocomposites for Oilfield Applications


Dolog, R. - Presenter, Baker Hughes
Khabashesku, V. N., Baker Hughes
Ventura, D., Baker Hughes
A novel method to produce hybrid HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) nanocomposites was developed to create a technology platform with the potential for application in various sealing applications across various industries, specifically targeting demanding, high-stress conditions.

The new approach focuses on solving key issues in the formulation of elastomer nanocomposites: the quality of nanoparticle dispersion within a polymer matrix and the availability of a load-transfer mechanism at the interface between blend components. The new method addresses both challenges via the chemical modification of nanotubes to decrease CNT (Carbon Nanotubes) aggregation and provide chemical crosslinks between CNT and the polymer matrix. Several reaction schemes of incorporating nanoparticles into the polymer matrix and crosslinking agents were considered. Mechanical properties and the chemical resistance of nanocomposites were assessed using standard techniques for the characterization of elastomers for oilfield applications.

The approach enhanced the mechanical properties of hybrid HNBR elastomers beyond the abilities of nonfunctionalized CNTs. Conventional CNTs can provide reinforcement to the polymer matrix at high temperatures and improve the modulus of the rubber compound, while simultaneously negatively affecting elongation at break. The new method mitigated the negative impact of reinforcement on elastomer compound elongation, providing a way to improve tensile strength and modulus of rubber, without significantly decreasing its elongation at break. Laboratory results indicate that it is possible to further enhance the tensile strength and modulus of the rubber by combining CNTs and carbon black in one system, because of the synergy effect of two fillers with different particle size.

The study provides an overview of properties of developed hybrid HNBR nanocomposites, relevant to oilfield applications, including wear resistance, RGD resistance, and chemical resistance assessed via accelerated aging approach using compressive stress relaxation (CSR) technique. The presented novel approach enables the formulation of new high-performance compounds for the oil industry and beyond.