(152c) Ten Years of Living Risk Based Process Safety

Arendt, S., ABS Consulting
Bradshaw, W., ABS Consulting
Lorenzo, D. K., ABS Consulting
Vanden Heuvel, L. N., ABS Consulting
Frank, W. L., Frank Risk Solutions, Inc.
McCavit, J., JL McCavit Consulting, LLC

Ten Years of Living Risk Based Process Safety

CCPS published Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety in March 20007. We were the primary authors of this guidelines. This paper and presentation will provide a summary of experiences involving industry adoption and lessons learned over the past decade.

  •  Lessons from companies implementing RBPS in the US and globally, in a variety of industries
  • Results from survey of 80+ companies/organizations that have used RBPS

    • To implement a new system

    • To correct existing PSM system deficiencies

    • For continuous improvement

  • Most frequently adopted new elements/practices

  • Most under-used elements and practices

  • Uncertainties from companies about how/whether RBPS addresses their PSM needs

  • How RBPS has been used for aspects beyond process safety

  • How RBPS has been used in other countries

  • Examples of how RBPS has been used throughout the life cycle

  • Examples of where RBPS content has been integrated into other PSM system frameworks and regulations

  • Data showing how adoption of RBPS principles and practices have improved process safety performance and efficiency

  • Case studies from three companies

  • How RBPS has influenced CCPS's evolution (e.g., VISION 2020)

  • Areas in process safety that have advanced beyond RBPS

  • Ideas on how to improve RBPS framework and approach

The results of this benchmarking, survey, and capture of RBPS experience will provide a basis for future expansion of the use of RBPS globally for the next decade - and a prediction of how and when “RBPS 2.0” will be needed.


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