(90c) Production of Asphalt Binder from Ohio Coal Resources | AIChE

(90c) Production of Asphalt Binder from Ohio Coal Resources


Fegade, S. - Presenter, Ohio University
Trembly, J., Ohio University

The objective of this work is to develop a new coal end-use market by developing an advanced thermocatalytic technology, to convert coal into infrastructure materials including asphalt binder (binder), rejuvenator, and rheology modifiers with costs and performance equal to or better than  those of petroleum-derived asphalt binders. Preliminary screening tests were completed using a 0.1 kg/hr solid feed fluidized-bed system. This system is well suited to evaluate the proposed process as it allows pulverized coal to be directly injected into a temperature controlled bed of fluidized material, providing excellent replication of commercial transport reactor operating conditions. Screening parameters such as Ohio coal type (Pittsburgh #8, Middle Kittaning, and Clarion No. 4A), operating temperature, feed gas composition, and addition of binder modifiers (styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), polyethylene (PE), and recycled crumb rubber (CRM)) were evaluated. Each sample was tested at operating temperatures ranging from 350-500°C. The results include interesting engineering data needed to refine an existing process techno-economic study and begin developing performance warranties for the binder product.