(107a) A New Era in on-Purpose Butadiene Technology | AIChE

(107a) A New Era in on-Purpose Butadiene Technology

Low cost natural gas production has lead to an abundance of associated natural gas liquids (C2-C4) resulting in displacement of naphtha as feed for steam crackers.  This shift in feedstock results in decreased byproduct butadiene production, causing production to be unable to keep pace with rising demand.  This ‘butadiene gap’ can be closed with new technologies to produce on-purpose butadiene.   In 2014, TPC Group Inc. and UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company, entered into an agreement to develop and license the most efficient and low-cost method for on-purpose butadiene production, leveraging UOP’s expertise in licensing and technology.  An improved commercial process is now being offered that builds on the proprietary TPC Group OXO-D™ technology, which has been successfully operated for more than 40 years, commercially converting butene to butadiene for the production of synthetic rubber.    This presentation will provide a description of this new process and highlight differences and the benefits compared to the previously commercialized OXO-D technology.  In addition, key development efforts and demonstrated operating performance will be highlighted.