Process Development Division Plenary

Monday, March 31, 2014, 9:45am-12:00pm CDT


9:50AM“Improving the Speed and Representation of Physical Properties Regression”
Presented by John Dowdle, Senior Engineer, The Dow Chemical Company
10:20AM“Shale Gas and the History of C1 Chemistry”
Presented by Joseph Powell, Chief Scientist, Shell
10:50AM“Using the Patterns of Invention in the Patent Literature to Predict Disruption”
Presented by Jack Hipple, Principal, TRIZ and Engineering Training Services, LLC
11:20AM“Mitsubishi Advanced Technology for On-Purpose Butadiene Production”
Presented by Michio Higashijima, Technology Sales Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Jack Hipple

Jack Hipple is a 30 year veteran of the chemical industry, including responsibility for global chemical engineering research at Dow Chemical as well as its Discovery Research New Ventures program. He has also managed chemical material technology projects for the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, new product development for Ansell Edmont in the protective equipment area, and process scale up for aerogel materials at Cabot Corporation. He currently Principal with Innovation-TRIZ, providing consulting and innovation training. He has been the public and on site instructor for AIChE...Read more

Joseph B. Powell

Joe is a life member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and has served as a programming chair and Area 12B chair for the Process Development Division.Read more