Process Development Division Plenary

Monday, March 31, 2014, 9:45am-12:00pm CDT


9:50AM “Improving the Speed and Representation of Physical Properties Regression”
Presented by John Dowdle, Senior Engineer, The Dow Chemical Company
10:20AM “Shale Gas and the History of C1 Chemistry”
Presented by Joseph Powell, Chief Scientist, Shell
10:50AM “Using the Patterns of Invention in the Patent Literature to Predict Disruption”
Presented by Jack Hipple, Principal, TRIZ and Engineering Training Services, LLC
11:20AM “Mitsubishi Advanced Technology for On-Purpose Butadiene Production”
Presented by Michio Higashijima, Technology Sales Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Jack Hipple

A chemical engineering graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, a 30-year veteran of the chemical industry, and a fellow of AIChE, Jack Hipple founded TRIZ and Engineering Training Services in 2001. His industrial experience includes leading several of Dow Chemical’s discovery research efforts and managing its chemical engineering R&D. He has been the Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers instructor for AIChE for 15 years.Read more

Joseph B. Powell

Joe Powell is Fellow and Director of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and Shell's Chief Scientist - Chemical Engineering since 2006. He has led R&D programs in new chemical processes, biofuels, enhanced oil recovery, and currently advises R&D for energy transition to a net-zero carbon economy. Dr. Powell is co-inventor on more than 125 patent applications (60 granted), has received AIChE / ACS / R&D Magazine awards for Innovation, Service, and Practice, and is co-author of Sustainable Development in the Process Industries: Cases and Impact (2010). Ph.D. U...Read more