Process Development Division Dinner

Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 6:30pm-9:00pm CDT

The Process Development Division Dinner provides an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing of best practices between industry, national labs, and academia.  Plan to attend and learn how to become more engaged in the Division.

This dinner is priced at $55 and advanced registration is required.  If you haven't yet registered for the meeting, you can add this ticketed event when you register.  If you have already registered for the meeting, please call Customer Service at 1-800-242-4363 or 203-702-7660 (outside of US) to add this event referencing item #206.


Process Development Practice Award:

Award Recipient: Pradeep Jain, Research and Development, The Dow Chemical Company

This award recognizes individuals with outstanding contributions in the practice or application of chemical engineering to process development. This award hopes to focus on applicants from industrial settings where documentation of contributions is not as readily provided. Awardees are selected based on their contributions to the discovery and application of innovative solutions to technological problems, and /or commercialization of new products and processes. The award may be given to someone for an outstanding career. 

Pradeep Jain

Pradeep Jain is a Senior Fellow for Feedstocks, Elastomers, E&T, Olefins, Aromatics & Alternatives, Packaging, H&M, and Polyethylene, Licensing & Catalyst, A&FM Technology. 

Pradeep Jain started at The Dow Chemical Company in 1989 as a Research Engineer in Specialty Polyolefin’s.  Over the past 25 years, he has led the process development for the proprietary olefins polymerization technologies including INSITETM and INFUSETM.  Pradeep’s significant innovations in solution polyolefin process technology have helped to transform this olefin...Read more