All About Professional Licensure

Motivations for Attaining the PE, the Processes Involved, Today's Critical Issues, and How Different State Laws Could Affect You
Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 1:30pm-5:30pm CDT

This session will include a number of invited speakers who will cover a range of topics beginning with the reasons for considering licensure from both the point of view of the engineer, the employer, and the public; the various rules and processes that are involved; exams; continuing education requirements; important organizations and their specific roles; as well as critical issues and changes now being deliberated. Issues such as the Masters or Equivalent Rule (MOE), the Industrial Exemption Laws and the differences between discipline and practice based laws will be explored. The session will strive to cover issues of importance to unlicensed practitioners and new graduates as well as those who have been licensed for many years, but who may not be as current on the latest licensing developments and issues as they would like. The session will conclude with a Q & A panel discussion to allow the audience to explore the most important issues to them and learn how they can become involved in the ongoing debates and rule changes. The session chairs will present signed certificates attesting to professional development hours upon request at the session.

1:30pmOverview of PE Licensing Process in United StatesWilliam R. Parrish & Cory D. Jensen
2:10pmLicensure--An Academic PerspectiveS. Ranil Wickramasinghe
2:40pmTesting for Competency - the Professional Engineering ExaminationAnne Bertelsmann & Denise Chastain-Knight
3:30pmThe Current Hot Button Issues in Domestic Professional LicensingAmos Holt
4:00pmThe California Divide – And Why You Need To Engage Your LegislatorsDiane Spencer & Emmett Miller
4:30pmPanel of SpeakersJoseph Cramer & Jeffery Perl