2013 Spring Meeting and GCPS Interviews

During the 2013 AIChE Spring Meeting and CCPS Global Congress on Process Safety in San Antonio, TX members of the AIChE staff sat down with conference presenters to talk about their work and their conference presentations. Below is what they had to say about their work and their conference topic and a link to our ChEnected Blog for more posts from the meeting.

Updated May 28, 2013

Inaugural AIChE president, fellow, and trustee John J. McKetta was honored at the 2013 Spring Meeting. Dr. McKetta gave a talk, during which he recounted his fascinating journey from Pennsylvania coal mines in the height of the Great Depression to a highly accomplished career in chemical engineering research and education. You can watch his talk here.

Aamir Farid - Keynote Speaker, 2013 AIChE Spring & 9th GCPS

Interviewer - Phil Westmoreland, 2013 AIChE President

Aamir Farid, VP Manufacturing-Americas for Shell talks about energy and manufacturing opportunities and challenges. He delivered the keynote address entitled "Delivering Innovative Solutions for an Energy Future." at the 2013 AIChE Spring Meeting & 9th Global Congress on Process Safety.

Michael Thien - Management Division Award: Technical Leadership

Interviewer - Evan Flach

Michael Thien, SVP at Merck & Co. and this year’s recipient of the Management Division Award for Technical Leadership, sat down with ChEnected to discuss some of the transitions in the pharmaceutical industry as companies make strides to serve secondary markets in the developing world. He also looks at some of the opportunities this transition represents for young chemical engineers entering the bio-pharmaceutical industry and offers suggestions for students looking to enter the field.

Victor Edwards - GCPS Chair

Interviewer - John Vasko

The chair of the 9th Global Congress on Process Safety is Victor Edwards of IHI E&C International Corporation. ChEnected had a chance to sit down with Victor and get a glimpse into the new features of this year’s conference, the planning process, and what attendees can expect in the future.

Joseph Powell, Chief Scientist, Shell

Interviewer - Stéphanie Orvoine-Couvrette

Stéphanie Orvoine-Couvrette interviews Joseph Powell, Chief Scientist of Shell at 2013 Spring Meeting. He spoke about Managing Risks & Expectations in Process Development and gave career tips for young chemical engineers.

Nestor Saavedra - GCPS Speaker [English]

Interviewer - Laura Turci

Nestor Fernando Saavedra, VP of Innovation and Technology for Ecopetrol in Colombia, presented the Wednesday keynote luncheon address entitled ” Ecopetrol’s Strategy and Challenges in Process Safety.” 

Nestor Saavedra - GCPS Speaker [Español]

Entrevistador - Laura Turci

Nestor Fernando Saavedra, vicepresidente de Innovación y Tecnología de Ecopetrol en Colombia, presentó el discurso inaugural Miércoles almuerzo titulado “Estrategia y Desafíos en Seguridad de Procesos de Ecopetrol.”

Sunita Satyapal - Director of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program, US DOE

Interviewer - Emily Frangenberg

Dr. Sunita Satyapal is the Director of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program for the US Department of Energy and was the keynote speaker for the Emerging Technologies in Clean Energy Keynote Address .CEP editor Emily Frangenberg had a chance to chat with Dr. Satyapal about this emerging energy source.

Shariq Yosufzai - Chevron

Interviewer - Steve Smith

S. Shariq Yosufzai, VP Global Diversity, Ombuds, and University Affairs for Chevron Corporation, talks to AIChE's Director of Publications & Communications, Steve Smith. They spoke about Chevron's history of support of AIChE, the importance of soft skills for young engineers, and diversity in the workplace.