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(106d) High Efficiency/Low Cost CO2 Compressor for Carbon Capture & Storage


Baldwin, P. - Presenter, Ramgen Power Systems

Ramgen Power Systems, Inc. is developing a family of high performance CO2 compressors that combine many of the aspects of shock compression systems commonly used in supersonic flight inlets, with turbo-machinery design practices employed in conventional axial and centrifugal compressor design. Shock wave compression technology has the potential to develop very high compression ratio per stage and very high efficiency, simultaneously. This capability allows Ramgen to configure a 2-stage CO2 compressor for a pressure ratio of 100:1, while conventional technology will typically require 8-stages of compression. The input power to Ramgen's 2-stage compressor will be comparable to the 8-stage conventional approaches, but the individual compressor stage discharge temperature will be 450-500°F vs. the conventional 8-stage 200°F, allowing for cost effective heat recovery of 80% of the input Btu. The all-in capital cost is expected to be 1/3 of the conventional approaches.

Dresser-Rand Group, Inc. has recently announced that it has made a substantial investment in Ramgen.

Ramgen will present an update on its technical and commercial status.


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