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(208c) Magnetic Field Enhanced Press-Filtration


Eichholz, C. - Presenter, University of Karlsruhe
Stolarski, M. - Presenter, University of Karlsruhe
Fuchs, B. C. - Presenter, DuPont Engineering R&D
Nirschl, H. - Presenter, Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics
Bogale Kassa, S. - Presenter, University of Addis Ababa

The proposed hybrid process represents a new application of a magnetic field which directly influences a classical press filtration. The new technology offers high potential in the field of magnetic nano-scale pigment production and iron oxide processing as well as bio-separation with functionalized magnetic particles. Especially in the field of nano-scale particulate product systems high specific cake resistances result in slow cake building and dewatering kinetics, which leads to economic inefficiency. Experimental and theoretical investigations show that the magnetic field has strong influence on cake building. Two major effects were observed: I) In inhomogeneous magnetic fields magnetic particles experience a magnetic force counter directed to the pressure force, that results in slow down of cake formation; II) Interparticle magnetic forces lead to structured cake formation. This gives on one hand the possibility to uncouple fluid and magnetic particle motion to force a cake built-up in designated location of the filter chamber. The result is a big increase of the overall filtrate mass flow and therefore an improvement of filtration kinetics. On the other hand due to the particle's magnetization including the formation of an attracting north and south-pole chainlike agglomerates can be observed. This leads to a ?structured? cake building and therefore higher permeability. This work will show the effect of a superposed magnetic field on press filtration of ferromagnetic iron oxide particles (Fe3O4) in a lab-scale filter press.


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