(104a) The Dow Chemical Company's Expert System for Fire and Reactivity Msds Text | AIChE

(104a) The Dow Chemical Company's Expert System for Fire and Reactivity Msds Text


Prine, B. - Presenter, Dow Chemical Company
Kalos, A. - Presenter, The Dow Chemical Company
Powers, B. - Presenter, Dow Chemical Company
Kalnins, R. - Presenter, Dow Chemical Company

Over the past decade Dow has used an Expert System for the selection of fire and reactivity text for material safety data sheets (MSDS). The standardized logic, developed in house, uses physical property information, flammability data and reactivity/thermal stability information to drive the selection of standard statements appropriate for MSDS audiences. The statements have been translated into 36 languages. The end product is a hazard information document that communicates these hazards in a consistent, reliable manner. Every statement used is selected for a reason that is identifiable and justifiable based upon set criteria and available data. This system has functioned reliably through numerous acquisitions of different chemistries over the past 10 years as Dow has grown from a 20 billion dollar company to a 40 billion dollar company. It was started as a North American initiative and was leveraged globally in 2005.


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