Selecting a Concept for Safe and Cost Effective Operations

Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 11:30am-1:00pm CST

Session Chair:

  • Mayela Rivero, TOTAL


Session Description:

To deal with uncertainties, costs, safety and with the intrinsic changing nature of oil and gas production during the life cycle of fields, companies look for new field development concepts or improvements from previous concepts.

  • What drives decisions for considering an Early Production System, a full capacity subsea or conventional development, or modular designs? 
  • What value is expected under different environments?

This is the discussion proposed here.


11:30am Long Distance Subsea Oil Tiebacks – Considerations from an Operators Perspective Steve Johnson, Chevron
12:00pm Using the Downturn as a Catalyst for Change

Peter Stracke, Statoil

12:30pm Phasing – Today’s Deepwater Strategy

Stafford Menard, Audubon