Fundamentals of Powder Flow Technology

Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 9:00am-12:00pm EST

This course has been cancelled.

Session Description:

Handling or processing powders and bulk solids is fraught with problems, whether you are dealing with chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods, metals, or a myriad of other materials. This tutorial will provide solid insights into common flow problems that arise when powders and bulk solids are put into silos, bins, and hoppers. Ways to characterize a material's flow properties will be presented along with proven, practical, and cost effective design solutions. Retrofits to existing equipment as well as design of new facilities will be discussed. This topic is critical to all industries in which bulk solids are being handled, processed, or refined because greater emphasis is being placed on process optimization, safety, and cost reductions, all of which are often dependent upon reliable bulk solids handling. Topics covered include:

  • Typical bulk solids flow problems in silos, bins, and hoppers
  • Results of flow problems
  • Flow patterns and different hopper designs
  • Ways to characterize flow properties (common tests and resulting data)

Herman Purutyan

CEO of Jenike & Johanson Inc., a world-renowned engineering consulting firm specializing in the storage, flow and processing of powder and bulk solids. He has been recognized worldwide for his technical ability and experience in the field of storage and flow of solids. He has 20 years of experience designing solids handling systems and troubleshooting handling programs in a wide variety of industries.Read more