Academia-Industry Partnership: What New Graduates Should Know | AIChE

The 2021 AIChE Annual Meeting will bring together top academic and industry thinkers to discuss the needs of the 21st century workforce, including high-demand technical and leadership skills, and how these skills can be translated in the chemical engineering curriculum. 

This year's program will feature two sessions that address Academia-Industry Partnership in 21st Century Education.

The first of these sessions, "Academia-Industry Partnership: What New Graduates Should Know", will highlight opportunities in the undergraduate curriculum to improve preparation of chemical engineers for the workforce.  The session features a 30-minute talk on "Aligning What Industry and Academia Expect of New Graduates" by the two speakers, followed by a 40-minute Q&A with panel discussion. It is based on AIChE's recent survey that examined similarities and differences between how academics believe graduates should be prepared and what industry respondents have to say, based on their experience with hiring and developing their new employees.

Hear more from session speakers Phil Westmoreland and Yang Luo about what you can expect in this session: