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Topical Conferences for 2019

Featured Topical Conferences Returning Topical Conferences
Applications of Data Science to Molecules and Materials Ammonia Energy
Chemical Engineers in Medicine Innovations of Green Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment
Concentrated Solar Energy for Power Generation and Chemical Processing Microbes at Biomedical Interfaces
Entrepreneurship in Chemical Engineering Next-Gen Manufacturing
Food Innovation and Engineering Sensors
Advanced Fossil Energy Utilization R&D Synthetic & Renewable Fuels

Dive into the latest research and thinking emerging in critical growth areas. The Topical Conferences at the AIChE Annual Meeting place you at the forefront of the trending topics in chemical engineering. Whatever your role, if you’re working in related areas you’re sure to benefit from these focused sessions.

Featured Topical Conferences

Applications of Data Science to Molecules and Materials

This topical conference will highlight recent advances at the intersection of data science and chemical engineering, with an emphasis on applications to molecules and materials. The topical will feature one plenary session and 5 technical sessions spanning applications to methods development.

Chemical Engineers in Medicine

From medical devices and diagnostics to tissue engineering, drug delivery and beyond, chemical engineers and chemical engineering principles are changing the face of modern medicine. This topical conference examines the many contributions and new developments at this important emerging interface of healthcare and chemical engineering.  This topical conference also highlights chemical engineering contributions to medical synthetic biology. 

Concentrated Solar Energy for Power Generation and Chemical Processing

A description of this topical conference will be available soon.

Entrepreneurship in Chemical Engineering - Sponsored by CIEE

This topical conference will provide a brand-new platform at the Annual Meeting that demonstrates the multitude of opportunities available to chemical engineers in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, including start-ups.

Generously Supported by the AIChE Foundation.

Food Innovation and Engineering

The Food Innovation and Engineering topical conference will discuss emerging technologies for food production and processing, the food-energy-water nexus, analyze strategies to connect industry and cuisine, and navigate methods to fit the consumer market. It will connect leaders in food technology, science and industry to discuss food issues and challenges as they relate to ethics, sustainability, quality and safety. 

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Generously Supported by the AIChE Foundation.

Returning Topical Conferences

Advanced Fossil Energy Utilization R&D

The Advanced Fossil Energy Utilization R&D topical will highlight the latest research and development efforts and draws on the talents and expertise of researchers who are addressing key issues related to fossil energy. 

Ammonia Energy

Ammonia is now widely recognized as a promising hydrogen carrier, carbon-free fuel, and energy storage medium, with technologies, business models, and policies in development on every continent. This event will provide an introduction to the subject as well as detailed insights into the latest technologies under development, covering market applications in both sustainable ammonia production and ammonia energy consumption. The 2019 event will be the third annual AIChE Topical Conference on the subject and the 16th annual conference of the Ammonia Energy Association.

Innovations of Green Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment

This topical conference will promote inter-disciplinary R&D activities towards reduction of energy intensity and environmental footprints, covering integrated process design and modeling, efficient chemical energy conversion and storage, and green process innovations. 

Microbes at Biomedical Interfaces

This topical conference provides a new platform for engineers, scientists, and physicians to discuss how chemical engineering principles can be employed to solve healthcare challenges and create novel materials and techniques for infection control. While the conference will highlight the fundamental understanding of microbial interactions with functional biomedical interfaces, it will also and present the advances in material design that are yet considered as non-conventional for medical application.  

Next-Gen Manufacturing

This topical conference will address the ways in which Chemical Engineers are creating next-gen ways of manufacturing, including new developments, challenges, and features of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Manufacturing, and Cybersecurity, through panel discussions by industrial, academic and government keynote speakers. Sessions from many Divisions and Forums are programmed on Process Intensification and modular manufacturing. Fundamental, applications, and novel developments in the Additive Manufacturing will be discussed in five sessions featuring academic, industry, and national labs presenting different aspects of the 3D printing technology.

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The Sensors topical conference will explore micro- and nano-sensors with a focus on fabrication, development, and applications, and advances in material science associated with biosensing technologies.

The Sensors Topical Conference will be hosting a Graduate Student Competition, sponsored by Gamry Instruments Inc.

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Synthetic & Renewable Fuels

This topical conference will explore the role of hydrogen in biofuels, CO2 capture with emphasis on Direct Air Capture, and get more in-depth on natural gas utilization to synthetic fuels, and Methanol/DME fuel applications.