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(571c) CACHE Initiatives: Systems Biology

In 2005, CACHE organized a new conference series entitled FOSBE (Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering). The goal was to create a focused meeting on the topic of systems biology, as it relates to engineering methods and approaches, with a combined emphasis on: (i) applied problems from the pharmaceutical industry, (ii) research methodologies, and (iii) challenges in education and training.

The types of questions that were intended to be addressed by the conference included:
• How can one use systems biology and genomic data to analyze, interpret, and predict the relation between an organism's genotype and its phenotype?
• What are the best methods to combine data from hypothesis-driven research with data from high-throughput studies to create models of cells, communities of cells, and entire organisms? How can one drive iteration and innovation in this model building process?
• What is an appropriate computational infrastructure for maximizing the mining of bioinformatic data? What are the data format and databasing challenges?
• How do the complex network structures constrain intracellular signaling processing?
• What are the promising techniques for estimating model parameters from high throughput data records? How can identification methods be used to drive effective design of experiments?
• How can biological domain knowledge be combined with systems engineering methods to yield model reduction methodologies that capture essential features of biological regulation across multiple scales of time and space?
• How do we educate, train and develop the systems biologists of the future?

In this talk, I will report on the state of the FOSEB conference series, its unique position among other symposia and conferences, its collaborations with other professional societies, and the plans for the future.