(558ck) Thermocatalytic Splitting of CO2 into Fuels Using Sol-gel Derived Ni-Mg-Ferrite | AIChE

(558ck) Thermocatalytic Splitting of CO2 into Fuels Using Sol-gel Derived Ni-Mg-Ferrite


Bhosale, R. - Presenter, Qatar University
Takalkar, G., Qatar University
Rashid, S., Qatar University
It is highly important to work towards the reduction in the excessive discharge of CO2 and also the utilization of the liberated CO2 towards value added products. Recently, we have identified that the catalytic Mg-ferrite materials were capable of producing CO from CO2 via solar driven thermochemical cycle. This produced CO can be combined with the H2 produced from the water splitting reaction for the production of syngas, which can be further processed to liquid fuels via the Fischer-Tropsch process. In this study, attempts were made to improve the redox reactivity of the Mg-ferrite based catalytic materials by incorporating the Ni in the crystal structure. The synthesis of Ni-doped Mg-ferrite was achieved by employing the so-gel method. The derived Ni-Mg-ferrites were further characterized to identify the phase composition, morphology, surface area, and other physico-chemical properties. The derived materials were further tested towards multiple thermochemical CO2 splitting cycles using a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA). The Ni-Mg-ferrite catalytic powder was thermally reduced at 1400oC, while the CO2 splitting reaction was performed at lower temperatures (800 to 1100oC). O2 and CO release was further monitored by gas chromatography. In addition to the redox reactivity, the kinetics associated with the thermochemical conversion of CO2 using the Ni-Mg-ferrite catalytic materials was also investigated. The obtained results will be presented in detail in this poster contribution.



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