(377h) Adsorption Kinetics of CO2 By Amine Groups

Ba-Shammakh, M. S., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Amine functionalized adsorbents use for CO2 capture is a promising technique due to its several advantages that include least cost, ease of operation and its ease of regeneration ability. This study aims to investigate the adsorption of CO2 using adsorbents modified with amine group. In addition, the adsorption kinetic models that have been used in describing CO2 adsorption by the amine groups is provided. It is found that the adsorption rate of CO2 onto adsorbents material modified with amine groups is highly dependent on the interaction of CO2 with the amine groups forming carbamate and bicarbonate (in the presence of water vapor). In addition, the mass transfer of CO2 from the bulk gas phase into the active surface sites of the adsorbent also contribute significantly to the adsorption rate.